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Our clients Mr & Mrs Wickens brief for this project was that they needed more space for their kitchen and dining room, more space to spend time as a family and a separate utility room.


This was achieved by designing a  3.9m deep rear extension. One of the site constraints was the need to maintain access to a garage that was accessed by a shared drive between the property and their neighbour’s property. This meant that we had to incorporate an angled wall to achieve this. This threw up a few design issues with the roof which we overcame by designing a parapet wall and a lead box gutter to discharge the rainwater to the gutters.

The client also requested large bi-fold doors that spanned the whole width of the extension, this was achieved by a structural design incorporating steel wind posts hidden within the wall cavities to provide lateral restraint to the side walls.


As the extension was 3.9 meters in depth we were able to take advantage of the government’s new scheme and apply for a PNH application ‘Neighbourhood consultation scheme’ application which was granted with no objections. The client also requested that the opening between the existing house and the extension be opened up as far as possible, which we achieved by installing a steel ‘picture frame’ and a separate beam supporting the first floor bay window.


The Woodlands, Esher

Rear extension (please click on images to expand).
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