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Design Ideas for Rear Extensions

Thames Design and Build Kingston Upon Thames

You can extend your home in several different directions. This could be building up into the loft, excavating down to create a basement, or extensions to the front, side or rear. A lot of home owners choose the latter because it can transform the entire property. There are lots of potential design ideas for rear extensions.

Thames Design and Build Esher

A sensitive extension

If you plan to use your permitted development rights to create the extension, you need to ensure it is sensitive to the main building. Therefore you must source the same materials. Reclaimed materials may be a great option if you can't source new ones or want the same aged look.


The great thing about the UK is there are homes from so many different periods. Lots of the housing stock is 1930s or 1950s. If you add an extension to these properties it may be a good idea to make it contrast. White render is a great option or modern frameless glazing. You could also opt for a cantilevered roof, floor to ceiling sliding doors, and roof lanterns.


If you want to make the new extension really stand out you can opt for different types of cladding. There is lots of choice, including timber and metal.

Listed building

It is possible to add an extension to a listed building, however you need to be very careful with the design. You will have to ensure the new addition complements the property and does not detract from the character. On top of this you may need to use local materials and building styles.

A new structure

Not all extensions need to look like they are part of the main house. You could create a design that looks like a new separate building but link it with a walkway or glazed corridor.

You can be really creative with rear extensions, whether you get planning permission or use permitted development rights. If you choose our full design and build service we will work with you to ensure you get the very best results for your home and your family life.

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