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To Slide or Fold, that is the Question:

At Thames Design & Build we have recently found that many of our clients seem to be opting for sliding doors as opposed to bi-fold doors, so is the fashion changing?

Below are some pros and cons of sliding versus bi fold doors:

Sliding Doors


* large glass panes possible

* Wider overall width available * Open and close in line, not protruding * More traditional as a replacement * Up to two thirds opening * Narrow frame widths * Works well with curtains and blinds *Has less structural demands


* Site conditions or location may prevent large panes being installed * Wide deep track (particularly on triple runners) * Not such a wide opening as bifolding doors * Doors less convenient to open and shut frequently

Bi fold doors


* Useful for smaller doors, less than a 2 metre opening * Wider clearer openings possible which improves sociability between the home and the garden * Greater choice of configuration options * Separate ‘traffic door’ allows the single door to be used as a back door * integral blinds readily available * Easy to install on sites with access difficulty * Wider opening when fully folded back


* More framework, less glass * Intrusive when open inwards

In summary the sliding doors offer a larger glass area whilst the bi-folding doors offer a wider opening. The costs for both systems are similar ultimately it comes down to which you prefer.

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